Protocols for Sample Preparation

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TEM sample preparation of cross-sections of platelet crystals

TEM sample preparation of W/SiC composite fibers

A coffee-based staining alternative for biological samples

TEM sample preparation of intermetallic Ti-Al based alloys (3rd generation)


Sample Preparation for Nanoscale Analysis (STEM EELS) of Biochar with Ultramicrotomy

Recipe for TEM sample preparation of organic–inorganic multilayers

Recipe for TEM sample preparation of Bi2Te3 samples 

TEM sample preparation of CM186LC, a second generation DS nickel based superalloy

FIB preparation of insulating samples

TEM Sample Preparation of Semiconductors with a FIB System

Double Cross section of FIB prepared semiconductor samples

Video of Double Cross section of FIB prepared semiconductor samples

FIB sample preparation of VLS ITO nanowires

Cryo FIB of organic magnetic tunnel junction structures

Sample preparation of Ni superalloys

Sample preparation of metal/alloy nanotubes

TEM sample preparation of sensitive hybrid biological materials

Site-specific TEM specimens from low contrast materials with nanometre precision

TEM sample preparation by Cross Section lamella

TEM sample preparation guide

TEM sample preparation of lead containing ceramic materials

TEM sample preparation of natural layered hybrid materials

Protecting thin film surfaces during FIB sample preparation by carbon coating

Tip Preparation with a Focused Ion Beam Instrument for Sample Quality Verification and Thickness Measurements