Standalone Software

MulTEM - Open source user friendly software code to perform accurate and fast electron diffraction and image simulations

StatSTEM - Open source user friendly software code to quantify scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) images

SI analysis tool - A flexible MATLAB tool to analyse spectrum images

Turboslice - a GPU based Multislice simulation package

EELSModel - Software to perform model based quantification of EELS spectra

GEMPA - General purpose electron micrograph processing and analysis software

Dr Probe Light – STEM probe and Ronchigram simulation software

Dr Probe- High-resolution STEM and CTEM image simulation software

JitterBug – Software to correct image drift and localized scan distortion in HAADF STEM data

Absolute Integrator - Software for automated HAADF STEM image quantification


Digital Micrograph Scripts

TU Graz Digital Micrograph Scripting Page

DM Script for PCA Analysis of EELS data

DM Script to estimate the magnitude and direction of the in-plane magnetic field component created by the Objective lens on a tilted sample

Oxygen Octahedra Picker - a software tool to extract quantitative information from STEM (HAADF-ABF) images

Oxygen Octahedra Picker - User manual


Experimental protocols

Experimental protocols for NanoCathodoluminescence experiments