Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza Krakow - Poland

Titan Krakow

AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH-UST) is one of the best Polish technical universities and a leader in the field of modern technology with over 37 000 students and 2000 scientists, consisting of 15 faculties and one interfaculty school. The International Centre for Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (IC-EM) is a non-faculty unit of the AGH-UST acting in co-operation with foreign partners. The main activity of the IC-EM aims to the application and tuning of new methods of electron microscopy to materials investigations, mainly to quantitative characterization of the micro-nanostructure of innovative materials for tailoring it to desired properties. The IC-EM Centre is an on-site training center for Central and Eastern Europe students and researchers. 
The IC-EM team consists of 7 permanent researchers, 1 (permanent) visiting professor, 3 post-docs, 2 technicians and several PhD students. Their field of expertise covers quantitative characterization of micro/nanostructure and properties of engineering materials, including structural defects analyses and phase identification in multiphase and multilayered materials down to the nanoscale as well as research on crystalline nanoparticles using electron tomography and 3D stereology techniques. The IC-EM staff is experienced in LM, SEM and TEM/HRTEM imaging, electron diffraction analyses (SAED, CBED, NBD, PED), STEM/EDX spectroscopy, electron tomography, image analysis and specimen preparation of complex and difficult materials. It is developing methods for nanophase identification and mapping by coupling fast EDS spectrometry and precession electron diffraction in a probe Cs-corrected STEM as well as STEM-EDX tomography. 

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