Corrected Electron Optical Systems

Heidelberg - Germany

CEOS is a private small enterprise located in Heidelberg, Germany. The company is managed by two physicists (M. Haider and J. Zach) and currently employs 39 people, almost 2/3 of them being physicists or engineers (electronics, mechanics or software). Research is carried out on new designs of advanced components for high resolution electron microscopy. These components are calculated, designed, built and tested here in Heidelberg. For these purposes, CEOS has mechanical and electronics workshops, a drawing office and several laboratories. To carry out these tests and the evaluation of new electron optical modules of prototypes CEOS has access to 7 TEM/STEMs which are installed at CEOS premises.
The research on new electron optical systems concentrates on high spatial resolution, e.g. on various designs of correctors, but also on high energy resolution for analytical purposes. For this area we developed, for example, a monochromator to reduce the energy width of the primary beam.
Our expertise and research concentrates on advanced charged particle optical systems which are too complex for the manufacturers of electron microscopes. CEOS not only develops these new important components it also manufactures them for the world-wide existing manufacturers. CEOS is involved in several projects of instrumental developments for which new landmarks with respect of resolution have to be achieved.

Local contact:

Maximilian Haider - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.