K7 - Jozef Stefan Institute

Ljubljana - Slovenia

The Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the leading Slovenian research organization. The newest field of research at the JSI covers various aspects of nanosciences, including the synthesis and nanoscale characterisation of functional nanosized particles for energy, bio-medical and catalysis applications. The Department for Nanostructured Materials (K7) employs 24 researchers (14 PhDs and 16 PhD students). The main focus of research is processing and properties characterisation of nanostructured materials for various technological applications (i.e. varistors, thermoelectrics, dielectrics, materials for photovoltaics, hard-coatings and catalysts). The K7 group is also managing the Centre for Electron Microscopy (CEM). The main equipment of the CEM includes 3 transmission and 3 scanning electron microscopes dedicated for structural and chemical characterisation of materials on nano- and atom scale (HRTEM, HAADF-STEM, EDS, EELS).
The K7 research group at the JSI is the leading group in Slovenia with existing expertise in various EM techniques (TEM, HRTEM, HAADF-STEM, EELS, EDXS, sample preparation). The EM techniques are readily used for studies and determination of structure and chemical composition of nanostructured features (i.e. interfaces, planar faults, etc.) in materials on nano and atom scale. In quantitative HRTEM, the experimental imaging and simulations are used in determining the structure of planar defects and interfaces in materials. In EDXS analysis the group has improved precision in chemical analysis of segregated sub-monolayers compared to “spatial difference” approach by introducing the method with varying beam diameters. For processing atomically resolved HAADF-STEM images the group has developed a real space image-processing algorithm, which eliminates the artefacts from the instabilities of the scanning unit. 

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