CNRS Paris - Orsay - France 


The research activities of the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides cover a larger field than suggested by its title ("Laboratory of Solid State Physics"). The physics of the condensed matter is in effect addressed in all its diversity, that can be cast roughly in three parts (New electronic states of matter, Physical phenomena with reduced dimensions and Soft matter and physics-biology interface).

The electron microscopy group at the LPS, has accumulated expertise in electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques for more than three decades. It has expertise in three areas: (i) imaging and analysis in STEM, (ii) EELS and (iii) spatially resolved EELS in the so-called Spectrum- Imaging (SPIM) mode. This has been enabled through a constant development of innovative instrumentation and analysis techniques on state-of-the-art instruments, together with a mission to tackle material science, physical or chemistry problems in a comprehensive manner combining high standard spectromicroscopy experiments, advanced analysis techniques and theoretical developments.

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