Brussels - Belgium

NanoMEGAS is an SME created in Brussels in 2004 with the mission to develop electron diffraction solutions for material science applications in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) applications. NanoMEGAS was the first company to develop and commercialize precession electron diffraction (PED) equipment “spinning star” to solve crystal nanostructures. Our PED devices have been made compatible for almost all type of commercial TEM (namely FEI Tecnai LaB6/FEG, JEOL LaB6/FEG and Libra 12-200 FE/Cs corrected. and are installed in more than 60 laboratories all over the world. Due to the large number installed worldwide, the scientific production on electron crystallography has been exponentially increased since 2004 with more than 130 published papers. In 2008 in collaboration (common Patent) with CNRS-INP Grenoble-France the automated phase-orientation mapping device “ASTAR” has been launched which allows nm resolution phase/orientation maps (EBSD like) for any material in the TEM. ASTAR received the “Microscopy Today 2011 Innovation Award” during M&M 2011 Congress in USA.
NanoMEGAS has an extended network of scientific/ research collaboration in electron crystallography with several leading Universities-Research Centres (CNRS-INP Grenoble, IBS Grenoble France, CNR Inst. Cristalografia Bari-Italy, Univ of Leiden –Netherlands, Univ Berlin-Humbodt, Univ of Mainz Germany, Univ of Barcelona-Spain) among others. There are more than 35 publications on electron crystallography with Nanomegas scientists involved. Nanomegas has great technical expertise to adapt electron crystallography solutions on any TEM platform enabling the spread of use of PED techniques among the ESTEEM2 partners.

Local contact:

Stavros Nicolopoulos - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.