Triebenberg Laboratory 

Technische Universitaet Dresden - Germany

The Triebenberg-Laboratory for High Resolution Electron Microscopy and Holography has been developed as an unrivaled disturbance-free laboratory for highest performance in electron microscopy and holography. As a pioneer in Electron Holography in the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), it focuses the scientific efforts on methods, instrumentation and application of Electron Holography for the analysis of object structures down to the atomic scale. By Electron Holography, not only the a-posteriori correction of the aberrations of the TEM, but also all object information encoded in the phase of the electron wave, invisible in intensity images, are available. This allows unprecedented, quantitative access to e.g. intrinsic electric and magnetic fields determining the properties of many novel materials. The research team comprises specialists for in-situ holography under external electric fields and illumination, for measuring mechanical fields and for holographic tomography. Furthermore, experts in basics such as inelastic coherence and atomic fields contribute to the worldwide acknowledged expertise. The experimental findings are supported by theoretical calculations such as ab-initio modeling, and software development for evaluation, image processing and computer control of the instrumentation.
Research within Triebenberg laboratory focuses on basics of electron-matter interaction within TEM, on instrumental and experimental improvements and on applications of TEM and Electron Holography in Solid State Physics.

Local contact:

Hannes Lichte - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.