Universidad de Cádiz

Cádiz - Spain  

Through different initiatives, the University of Cádiz has resolutely supported the development of the fields of Materials Science and Electron Microscopy. Thus, it counts with its own Electron Microscopy Facilities; a permanent staff of technicians devoted to EM; funding resources for the maintenance of these installations and a sufficiently large number of scientists who focus their research interests in the mentioned scientific areas. Within its educational programmes it also offers different activities which provide formation on the use of Electron Microscopy techniques to the analysis of Materials. The “Structure and Chemistry of Nanomaterials” Group at the University of Cádiz has a more than 20-years-long expertise in the application of Transmission Electron Microscopy techniques to the atomic scale investigation of nanoparticles; mostly on materials with applications in Environmental Catalysis but also, more recently, in other fields like Biomedicine. A very solid background in other complementary structural and chemical characterisation techniques, of large interests in Materials Chemistry and Physics is also available (XAFS, XRD, FTIR, Physi- and Chemi-sorption techniques or Thermal Analysis techniques).
The nanomaterials group has is specialized in atomic scale characterisation of the surface and bulk properties of nanoparticles and development of specific methodologies which allow fully exploiting the capabilities of Advanced Electron Microscopy techniques in the structural analysis of this particular type of materials. Emphasis is put on the use of simulation techniques as interpretation tool as well as on the use of Computational Chemistry of nanoparticle systems to rationalize nanoscopic experimental observations.

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