TEM Schools,
advanced training sessions
and Workshops

Work-Package 2

This activity is dedicated to dissemination of expertise in advanced electron based quantitative techniques among the ESTEEM2 members and other European TEM users. Specific objectives are to offer schools, advanced training sessions and workshops. The schools will be organized to transfer knowledge about TEM techniques aimed at postgraduate scientists in the early stages of their careers. Dedicated training sessions and workshops will be focused on specific advanced TEM techniques, with input from leading experts in the field, to enable exploitation of the new possibilities offered by state-of-the-art instruments. The ultimate goal of this activity is to disseminate knowledge across the European research community.

Partners involved

MPG Stuttgart (Work-Package leader); AGH Krakow;
CNRS/CEMES Toulouse; CNRS/LPS Orsay; University of Oxford;
Universiteit Antwerpen; University of Cambridge; ER-C  Jülich;
TU Delft; Chalmers TH; TU Graz; Universidad de Cadiz;
Jozef Stefan Institute Ljubljana; TU Dresden;
Universidad de Zaragoza;


Peter A. van Aken (MPG Stuttgart)
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