Electron Microscopy Techniques

As an important aspect of modern Electron Microscopy is the need to acquire quantitative and reliable information from images, spectra or diffraction patterns, ESTEEM2 Transnational Access programme aims to make installations available in all possible EM techniques. TA providers have been selected in order to offering a differentiated set of top-level microscopes and expertise as well as ensuring the best quality of service provision for the users.

Here is an overview of the fields of competence of each platform that will help you in choosing the best centre for carrying out your experiment.


EMCAM Cambridge • NCHREM Delft • IC-EM Krakow
CEMES Toulouse, ER-C Jülich, TU Dresden

Imaging HREM / STEM

OXTEM Oxford • ER-C Jülich • LPS Orsay • EMAT Antwerp
LMA-INA Saragossa • IC-EM Krakow • StEM Stuttgart
CEMES Toulouse • TU Dresden • FELMI-ZFE Graz • Chalmers TH

Spectroscopy EELS / EFTEM

LPS Orsay • EMAT Antwerp • StEM Stuttgart • FELMI-ZFE Graz
LMA-INA Saragossa • ER-C Jülich • NCHREM Delft
CEMES Toulouse • EMCAM Cambridge


EMAT Antwerp • EMCAM Cambridge • TU Dresden • OXTEM Oxford
IC-EM Krakow • Chalmers TH • ER-C Jülich • CEMES Toulouse
FELMI-ZFE Graz • LMA-INA Saragossa

Holography / Lorentz

CEMES Toulouse • TU Dresden • ER-C Jülich
LMA-INA Saragossa • EMAT Antwerp • EMCAM

In Situ

NCHREM Delft • ER-C Jülich • CEMES Toulouse
Chalmers TH • StEM Stuttgart • LPS Orsay
IC-EM Krakow • EMAT Antwerp • FELMI-ZFE Graz