Applicants are invited to get in touch with the local contact prior to send a proposal in order to verify the feasibility of their experiment.

FEI Titan 80-300 kV cubed Cs-corrected

Delft Titan511px

This microscope is dedicated to (time resolved in-situ) high-resolution imaging (HRTEM) with a point resolution of 0.09 nm with tilts up to ±35˚ using standard double tilt holders. It is equipped with a FEG (Field Emission Gun), EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy), STEM (Scanning TEM, probe size 0.13 nm), and 5 CCD camera's of which 2 are 2kx2k video rate camera's for in-situ TEM work. One is below the microscope column and one is in the Gatan imaging filter (GIF) before the standard GIF camera. The titan can also be used for in-situ gas experiments with the nanoreactor. Special adaptations have been made by FEI in the pumping system to avoid damage to the FEG in case a gas leak from the nanoreactor would occur.

FEI Tecnai F20ST/STEM monochromated

Delft Tecnai 511px

This microscope is equipped with a FEG, EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy), STEM (0.20 nm probe size), and high-resolution EELS (0.1 /0.55eV energy resolution at 2 nm and 0.2 nm probe size respectively). The HR-EELS is made possible by the monochromator, a HR-EELS Gatan energy filter and a dedicated high tension tank. It was the world's first TEM with such HR-EELS possibilities. With the 0.19 nm point resolution it is used for HRTEM imaging as well with tilts up to ±35˚ using standard double tilt holders.

Philips CM30T-LaB6

Delft CM30T 511px

This TEM is equipped with EDX and has a 0.23 nm point resolution and a 4kx4k CMOS Tietz camera with 9 frames/s imaging capability (at 4kx1k resolution). It is specifically dedicated to in-situ experiments with the gas/heating nanoreactor. Tilting can be done up to ±45˚ using standard double tilt specimen holders.