Applicants are invited to get in touch with the local contact prior to send a proposal in order to verify the feasibility of their experiment.

ASTEM - FEI Titan cubed (60-300)

ASTEM-Titan-cubed-60-300 511px

This state-of-the-art 300 kV TEM has been specially designed to perform analytical studies at the highest level. This instrument (FEI Titan Cubed) is equipped with a high brightness Schottky-emitter (X-FEG), a monochromator and a spherical aberration corrector for the electron probe, yielding a STEM resolution of 70 pm and an energy-resolution better than 0.20 eV. The microscope is fitted with a Lorentz-lens and the latest generation of energy-filter GIF Quantum ERS-965. The ASTEM is the first Titan instrument, which has been equipped with the ChemiSTEM technology for X-ray spectrometry, enabling elemental analysis and mapping at the atomic scale. It is also the first CS-probe corrected microscope allowing for simultaneous EDX and EELS spectrum imaging at acquisition rates beyond 1500 spectra per second.

Mono-TEM FEI Tecnai F20

Mono-TEM-Tecnai-F-20 511px

This 200 kV microscope is fitted with a Schottky FEG and a Wien-filter monochromator, a STEM-engine, EDX detector and a GIF Tridiem 863 which can be used for high-energy-resolution EELS (150 meV) and EFTEM studies. The microscope is optimized for STEM and EFTEM spectrum imaging via special software routines. Besides the usual single and double tilt specimen holders, heating and cooling holders and a cryo-transfer specimen holder are available in addition to tomographic equipment.