Applicants are invited to get in touch with the local contact prior to send a proposal in order to verify the feasibility of their experiment.

FEI Titan3 G2 60-300 / ChemiSTEM

The Titan3 G2 60/300 at IC-EM Krakow

The FEI Titan3 G2 60/300 for high resolution analytical microscopy at 300 kV to 60 kV is equipped with an X-FEG Schottky high brightness source a monochromator, a high resolution STEM-HAADF unit with the new dodecapoleDCOR probe Cs corrector (resolution of 70 pm), ChemiSTEM EDX system based on 4 windowless Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology with enhanced acquisition efficiency (0.7 sr) and speed for low dose, high spatial (atomic) resolution and fast chemical mapping, EELS GIF Quantum 693 spectrometer for edge shifts/fine structure (using monochromator and probe Cs corrector), new FEI PED precession electron diffraction, dual-axis tomography holder, Lorenz lens, rotatable biprism for off-axis electron holography and TARO for full remote access operation.

FEI Tecnai G20 Twin

Krakow Tecnai-G20-TW 511px

This microscope is equipped with LaB6 cathode, the workhorse for defect analysis and intermediate resolution phase identification for engineering application with STEM/HAADF, DigiStar precession diffraction and ASTAR for orientation and phase mapping of NanoMEGAS as well as EDX (TIA/EDAX) system.

Zeiss FIB/SEM dual beam NEON 40 EsB CrossBeam

Krakow NEON40EsBCross 511px

This microscope for TEM sample preparation and FIB tomography is equipped with QUANTAX 200 EDX (30mm2 SDD) of Bruker system, field emission gun SEM column, SE and BSE modes.