Applicants are invited to get in touch with the local contact prior to send a proposal in order to verify the feasibility of their experiment.


Oxford-JEOL-2200 511px

The JEOL 2200 MCO is a field emission gun TEM/STEM with aberration correctors fitted to the imaging and probe forming lenses. It was installed in late 2006 and operates at 200kV and 80kV. In 2011 it was upgraded with a unique double focussing Wien filter monochromator providing an energy resolution of 36meV at 200kV and 26meV at 80kV.
The aberration correctors are based on pairs of hexapoles designed by CEOS and aberrations up to the third order are corrected. The TEM imaging system resolution is thus improved to 0.07nm and in STEM to 0.09nm both at 200kV. A variety of holders are available for the instrument including cooling and in situ heating together with a holder specifically designed for magnetic samples.
The instrument is fitted with an in-column Omega-type electron energy filter for forming electron energy loss spectra and energy filtered images. Images and spectra are recorded on a Gatan 4k by 4k Ultrascan CCD camera. There is also a JEOL EDX system and Faraday Cage. A piezo stage allows very fine control of the specimen position in x, y and z directions.

JEOL 3000F

Oxford-JEOL3000F 500px

The JEOL 3000F is a field emission gun (FEG) TEM, which was installed in 1999 and operates between 100 and 300kV.
This is primarily an analytical instrument with the ability to perform chemical microanalysis from sub-nanometre areas. A wide variety of specimen holders are available including l-N2 and l-He cooling and a nanofactory holder for in-situ measurements.



JEOL 2010


The JEOL 2010 is an analytical TEM with a LaB6 electron gun and which can be operated between 80 and 200kV. Good control of probe size and convergence make it useful for EDS, convergent beam diffraction and nano-beam diffraction.


Zeiss n-Vision 40


The Zeiss n-Vision 40 combines a high resolution SEM to the precision milling and nanofabrication abilities of a high resolution FIB. The SEM features Schottky field emission Gemini column operating between 100v and 30kV, capable of resolutions of 1.1nm at 20kV and 2.5nm at 1kV. The SIINT Zeta Ga+ ion FIB column operates between 1kV and 30kV with ion currents between 0.1pA and 45nA. The resolution of the ion beam is 4nm at 1pA.