Applicants are invited to get in touch with the local contact prior to send a proposal in order to verify the feasibility of their experiment.

FEI Helios 650 and 600

Helios-650-511pxHelios-600-511pxThese "Dual Beam" instruments are installed in a Class 10,000 Clean Room, and they allow the fabrication and handling of thin TEM lamellae (down to 20 nm) by combining focused electron and ion beam probes.

FEI Titan3 60-300: 

Titan-Cube-60-300-511pxThis image-corrected TEM dedicated to high-resolution imaging and electron holography can be operated at voltages between 60 and 300 kV. It is fitted a standard FEG and a 2kx2k CCD camera. It is equipped with a SuperTwin® objective lens, a Cs-objective corrector allowing a TEM point resolution of 80 pm for high-resolution imaging, and a Lorentz lens and an electrostatic biprism for holography experiments. It is fitteded with the standard BF, DF, ADF and HAADF detectors for STEM, and a GIF Tridiem allows performing EELS and energy filtering TEM (EFTEM) experiments.

FEI Nova 200


Nova 200 dual beam equipment and the cryo-transfer setup

This is a third “Dual Beam”instrument  at the LMA-INA equipped with a cryogenic module (Quorum Technologies PP200T) for manipulation and investigation of biological samples in cryogenic conditions.

FEI Titan Low Base 60-300


This probe-corrected STEM dedicated to advanced STEM imaging and EELS spectroscopy at voltages between 60 and 300 kV. For these purposes, it is fitted with a high brightness Schottky emitter (X-FEG), a Wien-filter monochromator, and a Cs-probe corrector allowing a maximum STEM spatial resolution of 80 pm with multiple detectors (BF, DF, ADF and HAADF). For analytical studies, it is equipped with Gatan Energy Filter (GIF) Tridiem (maximum energy resolution of 120 meV), and an EDS detector. This TEM is fitted with a dedicated Lorentz lens and an electrostatic biprism which, coupled with a 2kx2k CCD camera, enables TEM imaging, Lorentz microscopy and electron holography. It is also equipped with a tomography set-up to perform 3D analysis.