Services provided to users

Typical duration of one experiment extends from 1 to 5 days on a particular instrument, but can be extended for highly demanding experiments. All selected users will be given a scientific in-house local contact that will be chosen by the infrastructure leader on the basis of his/her scientific interest and the requirements of the particular technique to be implemented. The local contact will be responsible for preparing the experiment and providing the user with all necessary equipment and support.
When available within the infrastructure, users who have also requested access to specimen preparation facilities will get assistance and training from the TEM specimen preparation technical staff. It has to be noted that access to in-house specimen preparation facilities is conditional on the use of the TEM facilities and that the need for specimen preparation facilities should be clearly stated and the request addressed in the research proposal.
Data analysis and simulation will generally be performed by the local contact. All data will be made available to the users and home-made software or scripts will be also made available to the external user with appropriate training if required.